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January behind the scenes


the Dream Job was essentially a job application put out by to be hired to produce exciting tourism content for a specific ski resort. I’m grateful to say that after applying to many project bids similar to this, I was fortunate enough to be hired by and be sent to  Big Sky Montana with another filmmaker/photographer, Celia Miller. We traveled to Big Sky Montana and spent a week filming and photographing a curated trip of epic big sky proportions. Check out our adventures below. 

Steamboat Dance Theatre

After Montana I flew back to Steamboat and I jumped right back into the Steamboat Dance Theatre video production I had begun working on in December. Every year this local non profit SDT puts on a great dance event for the community which consists of 18 amazing choreographed dance performances. All proceeds from this event goes to support scholarships for people in the Steamboat community.. All of these 18 choreographed videos received a custom intro video which gave a great spin on all the performances.. This year I upped the stakes by shooting photography on top of video where I am giving all proceeds from photo sales right into SDT’s scholarship program. If you are inspired by this notion please click here to see photos and donate to SDT. 


Last year I had the pleasure of working as a cinematographer for SBT GRVL, a premium up and coming gravel race in Steamboat. For the last year I produced an entire slew of amazing content for them. For 2020, we are continuing our efforts and we began production early in January. Here’s a taste of our first video and what is to come in this amazing race. 


As February creeps forward, I am excited to be celebrating my 29th birthday in the first week. Right after that I head to New Zealand to work for the Trans New Zealand Enduro Bike Race. If its  anything like what Ive been doing for Trans BC Enduro for the last three years then I ‘m sure its going to be a bunch of sleepless nights and a whole lot of bike cinematography! Stay tuned on my instagram for day of coverage of this amazing event. 

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